Bringing horses and their riders closer together through massage.

Canine massage

Horses from all walks of life can benefit from massage. Performance horses can have quicker recovery time, previously neglected horses can recover from emotional abuse as well as muscular atrophy from malnutrition.

Benefits of Massage

massage for you
equine Sports Massage

Getting a massage is not only beneficial to you, but for your horse as well. While a regular massage can improve your average day to day lifestyle even for non-horse owners, an equestrian gets the added bonus of being a better partner to their horse. If your muscular system is sound, a whole new world of communication can be explored

Dedication to the well being of owner-animal relationship is what fuels owner of Flex Smart Therapy, Ana Mayhue to pursue animal (and coming soon, their owners!) massage. At Flex Smart Therapy we understand your animals are family and want to give them the same care and gentle touch you give them. By using the holistic approach we give just that while also promoting muscular and lymphatic wellness.

Man's best friend feeling a little left out of all this awesome massage? Your canine buddy can also feel the beneficial properties of massage!